A Branch Centre of Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math

    Relief and Aid to people in distress. 
  • Pecuiniary Help

    Every month pecuiniary help is extended to the selected 100 poor and destitute people. 

Welfare Activities

Several Welfare activities are conducted which include pecuniary aid, winter relief and relief work at chokkanalli Village in the midst of the Forest. 

Relief and Pecuniary AID

Ramakrishna Math, Ooty supports the people of Nilgiris district with welfare and relief at the time of need. About 100 deserving and old destitute people are provided with pecuniary aid of Rs 200 per person every month. Winter relief is done every year by providing blankets or Jerkins as required in the winter to all the people in need, especially people in the remotest forests who require these relief materials. Ration doles are also provided whenever required, most importantly at the time of Covid 19 distress, where in Ratio doles were provided in the remotest corners of the district and in the middle of the forest to the people living in the adivasi Hamlets.

School uniforms are provided every year to the Ramakrishna school students in Ramakrishnapuram.

From 1992, medical help to the poor is given during rains and winter, whenever need arises, the ashrama provides distress relief in and around Ooty.

Pecuniary AID

Once a Month about 100 deserving old and destitute people are provided with pecuniary aid of Rs 200 Each. 


Relief Work

Ramakrishna Math, Ooty provides relief to all the people in the Nilgiris District by way of Blankets, provisions and support at the times of Winter, flood distress and at the important times such as the COVID 19 Distress.