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Monthly Retreat (Antharyogam) - May 2022

29.05.22 05:21 PM Comment(s) By Ooty

29 May 2022

The Monthly Retreat was held on Sunday the 29th of May 2022. Totally about 150 people participated in the half day retreat. 

The day started with Puja and Bhajans. At 9.30 Dr K Damayanthi and Devotees started the Bhajans and then at 10.30 Devotional Songs  was continued by Swami Shanmugananda Bhajanai Sabha Meekeri.

At 11.30 Meditation for 15 minutes and then a discourse in Tamil by Sri Mohan, Thangadu. 

At 12.40 Sivapuranam was recited, continued by Sri Ramakrishna Archanai by Srimat Swami Raghaveshananda Maharaj.

At 1.00 PM Arati was conducted and Annaprasadam distributed. 

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